Hi! This is Marta Corral

I am the founder of The Good Exporter, as well as many other things. Tireless globetrotter, unrelenting music lover and an enthusiast of work well done. I understand my profession based on the commitment to create something unique resulting from giving my best from the very first contact.

Excellence, empathy, experience and knowledge are the keystones of my work to make businesses grow and to help them move towards new horizons.

I am a member of the Bar Association of Madrid (ICAM); I am an expert in international trade holding MBA ICEX and Becas Asia Pacífico ICO (Beijing University) qualifications, and I have practiced as a lawyer at a well-known law firm in Brussels. I have mentored several start-ups and I have taught in several training institutions while at the same time I kept learning and getting trained. Always.

I worked for several years as certified consultant for ASTUREX, where I discovered the potential of internationalization and exporting for local companies. That discovery, that interest resulted in the creation of The Good Exporter, a personal project that goes beyond myself, helping free-lancers, start-ups and SMEs since 2015 to achieve their goals by crossing borders, both physical and mental borders.

You can find me here, as well as in any airport traveling light, hiking in the mountains of Asturias or in a concert, putting a soundtrack to my life.

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Marta Corral marta corral
Marta Corral marta corral

At a glance

I was born in Dominican Republic. I then spent my childhood following my father to places such as Colombia, the Canary Islands and Seville.
I then moved to Asturias to continue my training.
I got my Law degree from the University of Oviedo, after taking part of the program at the University of Toulouse, France.
I moved to China to get my first specialization, Master's degree in Chinese language and Culture at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou China.
I practiced as a lawyer at a well-known law firm in Brussels.
ICO Asia Pacific Grant Program at the International Business University of UIBE, Beijing, China.
MBA course on internationalization of companies with an ICEX grant.
This year I worked as an SMEs exporting certified consultant, as a lawyer member of the Madrid Bar Association and as a teacher in several Business Schools.
I work as Export Manager for several companies and as consultant and teacher of international trade and international marketing.
I founded the consulting firm The Good Exporter, where I help companies expand their borders by implementing exportation.

"I have tried to go far.
Now I want to take you closer to each story, experience, culture and location".