A range of services tailored to your needs.

The best support begins with mutual understanding and learning. This is followed by sharing perspectives and linking solutions to goals. And it is completed with the maturity and autonomy of the client that, once knowing the tools, starts to walk alone.

At The Good Exporter we put all our energy, talent and knowledge to reach this destination, step by step. These are some of the ways to achieve it.

A range of services tailored to your needs.



How to get started? Do you have all the information needed to take the first step? Have you contemplated all options? Are there any aids to pave the way? Do you know this new consumer and their consumption habits? Since the right information helps you make conscious and well-targeted decisions, our consulting services will add value from day one.

Market research and analysis

Product and service analysis

Adaptation of the product and/or service to the new context

Introduction to exporting and international market strategy

International entrepreneurship

Commercial development and international execution

Definition of new marketing channels

International e-Commerce

Advice in public funding and grant application processes

Technical reports on exporting to the target markets: information on logistics, customs, entry records…

Competitiveness reports and reports of competitors in the target market.

Demand reports: analysis of consumers, profiles and consumption habits

Legal reports by markets, certifications needed, legal and trade barriers

List of clients, suppliers and partners

Legal support on contract and international law

Selection of markets

Online and offline sales channels strategy


Support on the digital market - eCommerce

– Digital internationalization strategy
– Selecting and joining the online channel
– Foreign trade on marketplaces



Wherever you want to be and you can’t reach, you can rely on The Good Exporter. Best practices consist on supporting and consolidating exports by actually becoming part of the team of our clients all along the internationalization process.

Virtual and onsite business meeting agendas

Trade missions

Sales representation in the target country

Trade fairs

Representation in negotiations, business trips and trade fairs

Analysis of trade regulations

Product registration with official bodies

Preparation of technical documentation

NDAs and, international sales purchase agreements

Agency agreements

International Distribution Agreements

Online legal advice

Documentation for international online sales

Support with applications and formalities for project funding aids

Types of aids and public funding to apply for

Download your Legal Zip

The pack with the essential elements to operate feeling safe and reassured.

It includes NDA, agency agreement and international distribution agreement.



It is enriching to share learning, knowledge and experiences for the company and its team to implement changes in its strategies. Therefore we train free-lancers and SMEs that want to change their strategies and consolidate their sales in foreign markets.

Online program of empowerment to support digital internationalization

Culture and international negotiation courses. Specializing in China

Foreign trade courses and workshops

International marketing courses and workshops