You know where to go, but you don’t know which way to go.
You have posed yourself the questions, but you are missing the answers.
You have taken the first step, but you need momentum, focus, guidance.

You have already set out on your journey.

Now choose well your travel companion and the adventure will be unforgettable.

your company

Develop and improve
your competitive edge
with other markets

Grow locally and
develop your business

Start your journey

We will support you along this path towards internationalization and business growth putting all our energy, experience and knowledge at your disposal.

What is the purpose? Helping you open new marketing horizons and overcoming mental barriers.

You are in good hands.

If your business is different, why should you handle it in the same way?

We adapt to the actual needs of your company, its maturing phase, its team and industry, by designing a tailored and fully confidential work.

For if we understand the specific characteristics of your business, we can get involved in your project as if it were our own. Thus it is easier to succeed.

Committed with your business, excited about your idea

Committed with your business, excited about your idea

At The Good Exporter we know by experience that good relationships result for commitment and trust. We believe in the projects we support, we put our technical knowledge at your disposal and we always try to be one step ahead.

Aligning expectations is essential in order to build a future in a conscious and focused manner. We want the best for your business, therefore we will achieve results based on strategy and prudence. We want your great leap to be the first of many.

Down to earth
looking at the horizon

Honesty and transparency
are our creed

Seeing your company develop and grow is a dynamic and enriching experience. We want you to take part in the process, sharing with you every progress, setback and conquest.

Our work starts by defining measurable goals that enable us to establish a growth strategy, measure the progress and provide insight when in doubt.

When momentum translates
into results

When momentum translates
into results


Our clients' experience

Our clients' experience

"Your adventure is my adventure"

Hi! This is Marta Corral, founder of The Good Exporter, as well as many other things that I use to help companies of various industries, with different sizes and ambitions, to reach their goals. Companies that are made up by people who, just like you, wanted to continue moving forward. Should we speak? I’m all ears.

Our clients' experience

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